Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 | Page 4

From the Desk of Maree Ferguson Founder & Director, Dietitian Connection W hat a year it’s been! In looking back and reflecting on all that was 2018, it was certainly a year of growth, expansion and transition. I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you as readers of Infuse and supporters of DC this year. Without you, we couldn’t be the community we are. From reading our weekly newsletters, to engaging on social media, listening to our podcasts, joining a webinar or attending an event – you help make DC the network for nutrition leaders! Since launching DC back in 2012, I have seen our community grow to more than 7,500 dietitians in just six years. Likewise, over this time, I’ve seen us evolve from my solo efforts working from home in Queensland Australia, to an international brand working with a global team, to deliver resources for all – be it university students or seasoned dietetics experts. Image taken at Dietitians Unite, 2018 © Dietitian Connection 4 Infuse | December 2018