Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 | Page 3

Christmas Gift Ideas Let’s face it – sometimes finding the perfect gift is such a struggle! Never fear, we’re helping take the pressure out of Christmas this year with these top Christmas gifts for your friends and colleagues, or maybe even a sneaky prompt to share with your partner (who doesn’t love a Christmas wishlist)! 1 2019 Dietitians Unite Tickets. Available online through Dietitian Connection 2 Simple Food Remedies by Joy Bauer RD. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and leading online bookstores 4 5 2019 Wall Planner. Available from Kikki K 7 Beat The Algorithm with Rachel & Libby (Online course.) Available online through Dietitian Connection 3 Job Interview Cards for the new graduate. Available from Dietitian Connection 6 Charcoal Companion Corn Holders in a host of styles. Available from Amazon 8 Brain Food by Dr Joanna McMillan. Trust Your Gut - FODMAP Elimination with Joe Leech (Online course.) Available at Magshop and leading online bookstores Available online through Dietitian Connection © Dietitian Connection 3 Infuse | December 2018