Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 | Page 23

How has Dineamic adapted over the years as the public focuses more on specific dietary concerns, such as vegan, dairy free, gluten free, etc.? Working with athletes, Dineamic always concentrated on specific dietary requirements, being one of the first meal producers in Australia to offer gluten free and low FODMAP meals. Over the last five years, we’ve further focused on satisfying specific consumer dietary and ‘clean’ food concerns. We don’t create dishes for specific, strict dietary guidelines, but we’ve evolved our meal plans to suit every dietary or lifestyle group. For us, it’s important we offer flexible solutions to assist our customers with their dietary goals; whether it be dairy free, vegan, low carb, high protein, gluten free, fructose free or low FODMAP. What's been your proudest success to date with Dineamic? Top 3 Dineamic Chef recommendations to eat well: Over the years, at Dineamic we’ve achieved wonderful growth while retaining integrity of produce and nutrition quality. We continue to work directly with many of the same farming partners we began with in 2008. We have proven people no longer need to sacrifice flavor or convenience for health. However, we are most proud of how our team has been able to take a healthy meal and put this on someone’s table, whether down the road from our kitchen, or around the country. • Start with the finest produce. It makes a huge difference to the taste. • Flavor! Lower salt, but ‘spice up’ meals with an array of Middle Eastern, Indian and Mediterranean spices and herbs, plus more vegetables and EVOO. • Presentation. How food looks on the plate enhances its appeal. Take time to ensure meals are not only nutritious and tasty, but also attractive to eat. interview continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 23 Infuse | December 2018