Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 | Page 20

Is Your Voice Being Heard? Images courtesy of @melissajoyrd Tips from the Guilt-Free RD ® L et’s face it, speaking to the science, yet still being compelling and engaging with audiences is difficult. Standing out amongst the crowd in the nutrition space is becoming harder and harder, so how do you ensure you’re being heard? Known as the Guilt-Free RD®, Melissa Joy Dobbins is an expert in making an impact and building your brand. With a career spanning more than 20 years in the USA, Melissa has become a renowned media spokesperson, speaker, blogger, podcaster, social media expert, and media trainer. So, we’ve asked her to help declutter the media space and share her top tips for building your own successful brand – and getting your voice heard! LEARN MORE: @melissajoyrd 1 Prepare as Best You Can. Do the best you can to prepare for each situation. Ask a mentor or other dietitians with experience for advice. Get some real media training and try to build your skills and experience – especially if you want to do more camera facing work. 2 Own Your Brand. I think all dietitians are their own brand, whether they know it or not. Put thought into the different keywords or key phrases you hear yourself saying a lot, and start owning them. Incorporate these words into everything you do. Understand what you’re really passionate about, why you became a dietitan and what your unique food philosophy is. Take the time to clearly define your brand and own it. @melissajoyrd Click here to tune in to an episode of 'Sound Bites'. © Dietitian Connection 20 Infuse | December 2018