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multimedia and having seen how integral social media marketing could be for businesses, and naturally being a creative person, I decided to play to my strengths. I used social media to create a brand and a name for myself, by being my authentic self. I spent many long hours building my Instagram and networking. The account slowly began growing, and in my second year of studying dietetics, I began making a passive income from food collaborations. I’d also heard from my peers there was a shortage of jobs in dietetics, so that further fueled me to create my own path and find the courage to just go for it. I wanted to be able to create my own opportunities and make the most of them. Whilst building my brand, I also saw the shortage (at the time) of evidenced-based nutritional professionals on social media. I remember being easily influenced by the misinformation I read about nutrition online prior to studying dietetics, so I was motivated to give my audience access to “authentic” and genuine evidenced-based nutritional information. So, this inspired the idea of working as an online digital dietitian. Talking about being a digital dietitian, who’s your favourite fellow dietitian to follow? Oh gosh... This is like asking me to pick my favourite food. There’s just too many! I guess if I had to pick, my two would be Lyndi from @ nude_nutritionist for her authenticity and Elsa from @elsas_wholesomelife for her food styling and creativity. What do you love about working with DC? I still pinch myself for this opportunity! I love the ongoing learning opportunities and variety of experience, it’s invaluable. The support and encouragement I receive from Maree and Kate is also fantastic. They’re a truly inspiring dream team to work with and I am so grateful for the guidance and mentoring. LEARN MORE: What do you see as the key to the future of dietetics? I think it’s important for dietitians to be visionary enough to recognise the many potential work opportunities we can create for ourselves. © Dietitian Connection I believe technology will continue to change and shape the future of dietetics. We’re already seeing it happen now with apps, telehealth, online programs, the media and the internet. The key will be how dietitians stay at the forefront and be involved in these changes, to ensure we’re the leading voice when it comes to nutrition. These technological advancements open endless opportunities for dietitians, it’s an exciting time! 31 @authentic_spoon @authenticspoon Infuse | September 2019