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"It’s taken six years for me to get where I am today! As a student I spent 20 hours a week building my Instagram brand. It didn’t happen overnight – it took time, effort and consistency to build my following." So, I enrolled and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. Prior to studying dietetics, I found so much conflicting nutrition information online and found it extremely overwhelming. I didn’t know who or what to believe. I remember taking on nutrition advice I’d read on Google and thought I had to remove food groups in order to be healthy. It wasn’t until I started learning evidence-based nutrition information that my views really changed! What inspired you to go out on your own and start your business, Authentic Spoon? I would never have thought, the Instagram account I created six years ago as a hobby, and a platform for me to share my recipes and things I was learning, could turn into a business. This was, as they say, an “accidental” business. I created @authentic_spoon back in 2013, social media influencers were just kind of emerging. Little did I know at the time; I could get paid for things I was already doing. Having a background in Images courtesy of Tess Keightley © Dietitian Connection 30 Infuse | September 2019