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Catch a Rising Star Talking “Authentic Spoon”, with Tess Keightley T here are a host of young dietitians leading the “influencer” fight to share evidence-based nutrition information. Here at DC, we’re lucky enough to work with Tess Keightley, aka Authentic Spoon, and we thought we’d talk all things social media and her rise as a nutrition influencer. Tell us how pursuing a career in dietetics all started. Dietetics was not something I’d planned for myself. After finishing high school, I originally began studying a Bachelor of Multimedia. I had this career dream of wanting to be a music producer or create music videos! About 12 months into the degree, I decided to defer and take some time off. On break from study, I unexpectedly developed quite severe acne and unexpected weight gain. I went straight to “Dr Google” in search of natural cures and came across a lot of dietary recommendations and nutrition advice. I found the idea of nutrition interesting – I would spend hours learning about nutrition and creating healthy recipes, and it quickly became a hobby. When the time came to return to university, my mum (having a strong science background) and seeing my interest in nutrition, suggested I study dietetics... article continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 29 TESS’ TOP TIPS FOR INSTAGRAM: • Be authentic & original • Have a point of difference • Collaborate don’t compete • Post quality content that reflects your brand • Engage and build a community of like- minded people • Take good quality images, lighting is everything! Infuse | September 2019