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Images courtesy of The Sarcastic Nutritionist They also found that the skills that made them great dietitians were transferrable, and helped them in launching and running their business. “Dietitians make really great entrepreneurs because organisational skills are key. They are also fantastic at nailing down details,” notes Stephanie. LEARN MORE: Oh, and be warned: there’s a fair bit of swear words in the product line – but the team always holds a moral compass to their work. “I don’t want to be dropping the F-bomb just to drop the F-bomb,” explains Josh. “Our motto here is, more passionfruit, less eggplant – meaning, don’t be a jerk!” @thesarcasticnutritionist To hear the complete DC podcast with The Sarcastic Nutritionist team, click here More passionfruit, less eggplant – that’s a slogan we can run with! © Dietitian Connection 41 Infuse | June 2018