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And we see you’ve got a book endorsement from our favourite Jamie Oliver (secrets out!). How’d that come about? I still can’t believe it either! Jamie is such a genuine and generous person. He has been incredibly supportive from my early days. What would be 3 clinical tips from the book, you could share with our DC readers? 1 2 3 . . . The importance of personalising advice for gut health. This means not just putting everyone with IBS on a low FODMAP diet. Our skills as dietitians go way beyond providing generic advice. Image courtesy of Justine Stoddart With gut health now being “big business”, how can dietitians remain the respected voice? The benefit of combining diet and mindfulness strategies for managing functional gut disorders, including functional bloating. I believe, if we want to be seen as leaders, our profession needs to be involved in developing the evidence-base and contributing to research. This certainly doesn’t mean we all need to become research dietitians, but get involved wherever you can, whether it be quality improvement projects or clinical audits - it all counts. The need for a systematic approach when assessing food intolerances, including blinded food challenges. © Dietitian Connection 8 Infuse | December 2019