Infuse 3 March 2018 | Page 6

From the Desk of Maree Ferguson Founder & Director, Dietitian Connection D o you have a word of the year? For 2018, our team set out to find a word that would capture what we wanted to achieve – a word that we could turn to for guidance if we found ourselves at a crossroads, or losing focus. We landed on “relationships”. In fact, we landed on it in the midst of a team-building workshop at Christmas, when we were creating floral wreaths. Our floral instructor spoke passionately of the “relationship” that the various elements of the wreath had with one another – bold elements and subtle filler, sprigs of seasonal greenery and standout flowers. All, working harmoniously to create a single result: a glorious centerpiece. We walked away with the word firmly stuck in our minds. Relationships are what the Dietitian Connection community is built upon: supportive and nurturing relationships with professional colleagues, that help us all grow and be inspired. © Dietitian Connection 6 Infuse | March 2018