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SPEAK SPEAK YOUR YOUR TRUTH TRUTH Because People Still Hear What You’re NOT Saying: 5 STEPS TO STOP SUGARCOATING AND SPEAK YOUR TRUTH BY: ASHLEY TURNER THE TRUTH shall set you free! Clean + simple. Nothing else liberates us, frees up stuck energy, lightens our load as much as taking an honest look at what’s happening, seeing things clearly and speaking the truth with ease and grace. Here are 5 simple steps to help you start living and telling the truth. 1. NOTICE in what circumstances or around whom you tend to withhold your Truth or sugarcoat. Where do you find yourself ‘talking in circles’ or never getting to the ‘heart of the 10 matter’? Often this happens with colleagues or other people in our career that we may feel intimidated by or we feel that they have ‘power over us’. Begin to notice who triggers you to keep quiet or hesitate. Do they remind you of a