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Restorative Leadership: HOW COURAGEOUS LEADERS ARE HEALING THE WORLD BY: SUSAN LEGER FERRARO AND DEBORAH LEIPZIGER WE LIVE in a time when we are assaulted continuously by images of our political leaders and well-known figures in the entertainment sector committing disparaging acts and making offensive and racist statements. As a counter offensive to this barrage, we profile courageous and conscious leaders who work to make the world more humane, just and sustainable. We share examples of courageous leaders transforming their companies, their sectors and the world itself. What is restorative leadership? Restorative leaders inspire those around them: they provide pathways for others to succeed and overcome barriers. They transform! We are fortunate to work alongside some of these leaders and to interview them for our forthcoming book on Restorative Leadership. Here are some examples of restorative leaders we admire. Mike Brady, CEO of Greyston Bakery, creates opportunities for people to enter the workforce through the company’s Open Hiring Program. Over 3,000 people have come to work at Greyston Bakery, from a wide range of backgrounds, including those formerly incarcerated, refugees, and other people escaping poverty. Mike has created a Center for Open Hiring to help other companies develop this kind of life-changing program, to give people a job and a way out of poverty. Greyston makes the brownies for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. John Pepper, CEO of Boloco, is committed to clean eating. Boloco is a rarity in the fast food sector as it serves brown rice, healthy juices and plenty of vegetables. John has made a commitment to pay all Boloco employees a living wage and to provide training to develop their potential. Workers receive health care benefits, life skills training, and instruction in English. The company also provides many employees with a 401(k) plan. John says “While the business model of the food industry is to pay workers as little as possible, I knew that we could transform the lives of people in fast food.” Eileen Fisher, CEO and Founder of EILEEN FISHER, is transforming the clothing industry by creating a supply chain which respects human rights and promotes “radical sustainability.” In addition to working with organic fibers, the company also promotes women and girls from all backgrounds. One of their ways to lift women out of poverty is by sourcing artisanal scarves from cooperatives of women with HIV to promote income-generating opportunities in Africa. In our study of leaders who are creating positive transformations in their companies and the world, we have found that conscious leaders: • Use language to inspire and innovate • Work from strengths, and promote the strength of their teams • Invest in people 10 • • Create a set of values that guide their companies and organizations Feed forward Language Matters Each of these leaders uses language to inspire people and to create new paradigms. Greyston has coined the terms “Open Hiring” and works on “pathmaking” or creating opportunities for all of its workers: pathways to a better future and upward mobility. Eileen Fisher – in her quest to develop a new kind of fashion company and a new way of making clothes – talks about “radical sustainability.” Most of all, these leaders use empowered language. They are on a quest, which transforms those around them to be fully engaged. Each of us has 168 hours per week. Conscious leaders make every hour count – partly by creating a culture of vision and empowerment. Work From Strengths Restorative leaders mobilize teams by encouraging people to lead with their strengths. Each person has strengths but we need to learn how to access, develop, and leverage these strengths. Each strength has both a shadow side and a light side: a basement and a balcony in the words of “CliftonStrengths” Finder. Conscious leaders work from their strengths and can leverage the strengths of others to complement their own strengths. Invest In People Restorative leaders invest in training, as a way to motivate, inspire, retain and