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“RESTORATIVE LEADERS KNOW HOW TO RECEIVE AND GIVE FEEDBACK.“ reward employees. John Pepper invests in training for all of his employees, as he knows that if his workers are well trained they will be more effective and fulfilled. All Boloco employees receive training on life skills (including strengths training) and, if required, English language training. This investment helps employees to interact in better ways with customers. Each worker learns how to receive and give feedback. At Greyston, all employees receive access to training on job and life skills. ABOUT SUSAN LEGER FERRARO Susan Leger Ferraro is social entrepreneur and humanitarian. She is the founder of several companies, including ImagineThat; Peace, Love and Real Estate; and G3, which provides training to companies like Boloco, South Bay and Greyston. Create A Set Of Values To learn more: The leaders we studied lead with values. Jim Koch, the founder of the Boston Beer Company and the iconic brand, Sam Adams, has created a set of values that guides his company. Among these values are: “We discuss the undiscussable.” These values are used to train all new hires and help guide the company’s work. All of the leaders we profiled work to create a culture based on shared values. Feed Forward Restorative leaders know how to receive and give feedback. We prefer to say “feed forward”. G