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best players . It ’ s about being relentless in the pursuit of your goal and resilient in the face of bad luck and adversity .” So , how bad do you want it ? When I think back on my life , that word GRIT sure played a consistent role . Check it out . My first job was at seven years old where I made and sold potholders . I took a real verbal beating from my friends ( boys ) that I was doing “ girl things ”. Heck , I was having fun and selling my potholders for twice what the girls were and making lots of money in the eyes of this seven-yearold ! Just took a little GRIT to get through the verbal bashing .
At twelve years old , I took a newspaper route of thirty-two customers and a year later built it to 275 . I broke several baskets trying to stuff too many papers in them and finally bought a unique bike built for home delivery of groceries . A large wheel on the back , a small wheel on the front , with a huge basket on the front . This worked great , however it was a goofy looking bike and only came in the color purple ! Again the verbal beatings came and again I reached down and relied on GRIT to get me through . A year later , I was employing five kids to deliver the papers and went on to Newspaper Boy of the Year honors . GRIT !
While those kids were delivering the papers , I took on a caddie job at our local , private country club . The caddie master turned me down initially , laughing that the bags were bigger than me . I told him I would just hang around at the caddie shack and wait for an opportunity . The other caddies tore into me as I spent days waiting for an opportunity that just wasn ’ t coming . They said if it ever did , I wouldn ’ t be able to “ loop eighteen ”. Well , one day that opportunity came late in the day and I was the only kid left to carry a bag . Not only did I make it around the course , but the member requested me for his next round the next day ! It turns out that I befriended hundreds of members over several years and their advice significantly helped me in my future entrepreneurial pursuits . GRIT !
Now seventeen years old and I get a job at a national chain grocery store as a cart boy . Soon thereafter , I was a stock clerk . I ’ ve always enjoyed an extra amount of energy and would challenge myself to fill my assigned shelves faster than the full-time adult stockers . Those guys sure rubbed it in , laughing that with the union we were in , they could coast and make the same as I was making hustling around . In my second year in the store , I was named assistant store manager , where we employed around 200 employees . GRIT !
It was painful in my high school freshman year to be the last guy cut from making the team . I hate to lose ! The summer following I spent no less than six hours each day practicing the game . I not only made the team sophomore year but I was also ranked in the number one position on the team . Junior year , I was named playercoach . GRIT !
There ’ s just not enough space here to note the many times grit came into play as I led six start-up businesses into national platforms . And then leaving the comfort of business success to start over as a “ starving speaker ”. So much GRIT was the key along the way . I laugh all the time thinking back to being fifty-eight and not knowing how to swim and me with my bucket list of racing an Ironman . And now I have fifteen Ironmans completed , including the World Championship . GRIT !
Again , pearls from Saban : “ The characteristics that made up our 2003 national championship team are the same attributes that form my philosophy for success . Terms like conviction , dominate , adversity , perseverance , commitment , attitude , teamwork , road map , pride , relentless , and intensity . Now , how good do you want to be ?”
The keys for me on the journey of life have been clear goal focus and practice , practice , practice . Duckworth in her book says that “ deliberate practice predicted advancing to further rounds in final competition far better than any other kind of preparation . Gritty people do more deliberate practice and experience more flow , and flow is for performance .” Pete Carroll , Seattle Seahawks coach : “ A player who is fully prepared on the practice field will feel ready to meet whatever comes his way on game day and thus , feel more confident and able to minimize distractions of fear and doubt .”
My all-time favorite book on GRIT is Endurance : Shackleton ’ s Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing , telling of Shackleton ’ s 1914 voyage to Antarctica . Enthusiasm is common . Endurance is rare . How bad do you want it ?
Let ’ s finish with a few more pearls from Angela Duckworth : “ To be gritty is to keep putting one foot in front of the other . To be gritty is to hold fast to an interesting and purposeful goal . To be gritty is to invest , day after week after year , in challenging practice . To be gritty is to fall down seven times and rise eight .”
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