Indiana MoneyWise 2016 | Page 2

Dear Hoosiers:

Thank you for reading the Indiana Secretary of

State’s e-magazine. The purpose of this

publication is to provide Hoosiers with timely

information on smart money management and

investment fraud prevention.

As Indiana’s securities regulator, I am committed to putting financial criminals behind bars. Hoosiers with a solid foundation in financial literacy are better prepared to say no to scams. That’s why this e-magazine exists. In each issue, you will find valuable tools and tips aimed at improving your understanding of personal finance and investing. This particular issue focuses on the importance of establishing better financial habits. Within the magazine, you will find a list of common budgeting problems and their solutions. We have also included tips for tackling overspending. And for those of you already on a good financial path, we have provided step-by-step instructions for becoming an investor.

I encourage each of you to explore the articles and links inside and use this information to improve your financial future.


Connie Lawson

Indiana Secretary of State


It is the mission of the office of Secretary of State Connie Lawson to deliver to the people of Indiana government-as-a-service that focuses on unqualified integrity and accuracy in our elections, consistent and principled regulatory methods, ceaseless protection of Hoosier investors, and the most efficient use of taxpayer resources.