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ediatric Nurse Practitioner ?
care environments , or within specialty care .
In addition to the environments described above , PNPs may find themselves in a variety of roles throughout the profession . PNPs may take on roles as educators at the undergraduate or graduate level . Opportunities to lead or participate in research or quality improvement exist for experts in pediatrics , fulfilling an important role of advancing the evidence-based care of children and families . As a critical
voice for children , PNPs may choose to participate in advocacy efforts to promote the role of the nursing / APRN workforce , support funding and initiatives that protect and prioritize child health , and become engaged with other timely pediatric issues , such as mental health and access to immunizations .
In many states , PNPs may become practice or business owners and entrepreneurs , using their expertise to deliver innovative services and expert pediatric care to patients and families . As members of the most trusted profession ( Gallup , 2023 ), PNPs have a critical and unique role in protecting and promoting the well-being of children in our country .
Now that we ’ ve started to describe the roles that PNPs may fill and the opportunities that exist within this advanced practice role , we have some practical advice for those of you pursuing your passion for this work .
What We Would Tell Our Past-selves About Being a PNP
After 20 years of being PNPs , there are many things that we could tell our past-selves as nursing students . We went into this field because we were passionate about helping children and what we did not realize as students was that our careers would be more fulfilling than we ever could imagine . We would encourage our pastselves to get involved early , be persistent , and make connections with peers .
Find a PNP mentor or coach who you can toss ideas around with , get advice , or help you navigate through your career . Attend as many continuing education conferences and networking opportunities as you can .
Your career path , as well as your priorities and definition of success , may change over time . Take advantage of the opportunities in front of you . You would not believe how much you are capable of achieving . Even though you are currently learning everything there is to know about pediatric healthcare and how to diagnosis and manage pediatric healthcare issues ; there is so much more to your profession . Your clinical career as a PNP can be in a variety of different settings from primary care , emergency / urgent care , telehealth , specialty care , inpatient or school based . Depend-
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