Impact Report 2021 FY 2020-2021 - Page 5


9,068 people served


In the land-locked country of Tajikistan , the price of food , gas , and other necessities skyrocketed when the pandemic hit . Making ends meet was hard enough before COVID-19 , and the pandemic was making things even more difficult for families . Many people lost their jobs . Without support from the government , many households were forced to spend what little savings they had and cut back on food and medicine .


Women who work often invest a large portion of their income in their families . Giving women the tools to support themselves and their families became an even larger priority for us when the pandemic hit . In 2020 , 51 women aged 24-75 learned how to start and run their own businesses . After graduating , two women won a competitive grant from the government to fund their business ventures . A group of women also formed a business association to share their knowledge with others and support additional female entrepreneurs .