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BME Mining Canada Inc ’ s success in breaking into the local market in Canada is epitomised by a recent five-year full-service contract it secured with a surface gold mine in Ontario duration per detonator , more units per blasting box and precise firing accuracy .”
Among the range of field testing the new AXXIS systems have undergone are conducted blasts in cold climates and freezing weather , according to BME AXXIS Support Manager , Hennie du Preez .
“ We have had AXXIS successfully tested in the
US for operating in temperatures below -40 ° C ,” he said . “ This was done in anticipation of our growing business opportunities in the US and Canada .”
BME recently also employed AXXIS Silver to blast in sub-zero conditions for a diamond mining customer in the mountains of Lesotho . Du Preez pointed out the benefit of thin , copper-cladded downline wire , which de-coils easily for use in small diameter holes – even when they are waterlogged . Due to their robust quality , BME ’ s electronic detonators were able to
remain in the holes for two days before blasting , in temperatures below zero where the hole collars froze solid , he said .
PROVIX on fire watch
Another company taking on more market share in
the North American mining sector is PROVIX , with its focus on safety and increasing productivity around vehicles and equipment continuing to hit the right notes in the last few years .
Specialising in vision enhancement technologies , its range of collision avoidance and industrial video cameras with rugged capabilities have been the subject of significant demand of late as miners look to equip their machines with CAS systems ahead of stricter safety regulations and a broader focus on vehicle and personnel interactions , and , in the case of industrial video cameras , screen for COVID-19 during the height of the pandemic .
While the company has recently won a major fleet order for its RealTrac CAS solutions at an underground mine owned by one of the world ’ s biggest gold miners , it has also been recording sales of its FireWatch portable battery-powered vision system at several operations .
Used to monitor hot-work areas for any early signs of fire , the thermal imaging camera has been specifically calibrated for elevated temperature and fire detection . This means when




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