IM APR 23 April 2023 | Page 55

PROVIX has been recording sales of its FireWatch portable battery-powered vision system at several mining operations across North America
excessive heat or flareups are detected by the thermal camera – the same one that detected heat abnormalities with workers at the height of the pandemic – the internal FireWatch alarms go off .
These alarms include a flashing white light , 80 db beeping alarm and an audible message declaring the presence of an abnormal temperature in the area . Email notifications can also be sent to maintenance staff and security as needed .
The camera system has integrated wireless connectivity for “ live view ” and “ live recording ” functions , and 256 GB of internal storage for recording the high-resolution snapshots taken during alarm conditions .
With many mine sites in North America currently having to employ a member of staff purely for fire-watch tasks in line with existing regulations , and labour being a significant constraint to production growth , PROVIX expects to continue registering many orders for the FireWatch solution in the future .
Maestro adds to communications backbone at Borden
Maestro Digital Mine has achieved a significant milestone at one of Canada ’ s best-known operations .
The company says it has now successfully expanded its Plexus PowerNet™ communications network to over 100 Plexus nodes at the Borden mine in northern Ontario – an operation that was billed as being one of the world ’ s first all-electric underground mines .
Plexus PowerNet is used as the mine ’ s last mile communication backbone on every level .
Newmont ' s Borden Mine was an early adopter of Maestro Digital Mine ' s technology , trialling the Plexus solution soon after its launch in late 2017 . Once the mine was developed , fibre was run to each dual-level ’ s substation .
The Plexus PowerNet nodes form the foundation of the network , providing power to