IIC Journal of Innovation 6th Edition - Page 16

How Democratized Artificial Intelligence Can Move Manufacturing to a New Evolution Pace context of the machine, as Tesla is doing with the fully autonomous car or Oracle are doing with the fully autonomous databases system. Software vendors such as Oracle with its 18C and cloud- based autonomous solutions – as well as many other software vendors – are building fully autonomous software solutions to store and manage data across a broad spectrum of use cases. This system is providing an unmatched reliability and performance at half the cost of classical systems; no human labor, database automatically upgrades, patches and it tunes itself while running; automates security updates with no downtime window required; no human error; a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.995% reliability and availability, which minimizes costly planned and unplanned downtime; no manual performance tuning; databases consume less storage because of machine learning and automatic compression. F OUR AI T RENDS C AN BE A PPLIED AT D IFFERENT L AYERS OF S YSTEMS 1. At the machine or device layer itself, if computing power is embedded: A robot or an AGV can recognize a face, a part, a situation, and take the best action based on abnormal constraints that it can meet during its operation (changing its route for an AGV or changing the movement of its arm for a smart collaborative robot). It can also be applied at a wearable device level if a worker uses a tablet, a smart watch or Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. At this small machine level, the embedded capabilities are limited to short term (seconds, minutes), low Figure 6:4 layers of AI implementation IIC Journal of Innovation - 15 -