iHerp Australia Issue 13 | Page 24

Hard Labour! A Brief Note on a Prolonged Parturition Event in a Captive Northern Blue-tongue Skink (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia). Dr T. C. Houston is a former AZA zookeeper (reptiles) and retired military chaplain. He currently owns and operates ‘Reptile Mountain’, a small-batch reptile- breeding company with a focus on captive production of pure Australian skinks, in Denver, Colorado. The popularity of keeping reptiles in captivity has grown at an unprecedented rate. And the Common Blue-tongue Skink (Tiliqua scincoides) has become one of the best choices for a pet reptile regardless of age or experience level. As these wonderful creatures become more common in captivity, logic 1. would present it of importance to document captive husbandry and reproductive experiences for the benefit of future breeders and keepers - no matter how trivial the data might initially appear. Online forums are a wonderful way to collaborate and build relationships among fellow keepers. But we must