iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 2 - Oct 2018 | Page 15

C hris Woodney’s good friend and daughter’s godfather who has suffered with Crohn’s disease since he was fifteen, had a turn for the worse in 2010. Chris started to investigate cannabis to see how he could help him. Chris continues: “From attending and educating at three doctors conferences, I had learned that 79% of doctors surveyed knew nothing about our Endogenous Cannabinoid System (ECS). I felt helpless because I had insufficient knowledge of the rest of the body’s functions to explain how this vital regulatory system works within all living things (except insects). Chris spoke to ihemp magazine about his journey around the world, to investigate hemp “It was at this point in my life I decided to be helpless no more, and so began my journey as food and health supplement and cannabis around the world to try and figure out how as a medicine. these things called cannabinoids work. “I help to feed and clothe the homeless “We actually produce them endogenously through our backpackers business: We started (inside our bodies) and they are found in many a $10 Food Challenge, gifting $10 worth of plants: Cacao, Liver Wart, Echinacea and in food to someone in need. One day I tried to abundance within the Cannabis Plant. buy a steak for a homeless guy and he said... “And just so we are clear: Hemp is Cannabis, yet iHemp is naturally grown Cannabis as ‘Nah mate I can’t eat meat - it was in times of old, males and females I’ve got no teeth!’ together, keeping low THC, now referred to as Industrial Hemp (iHemp). iHemp is legally regulated and defined clearly within New “That highlighted to me how nutrition and Zealand legislation as approved cannabis mental health issues in homeless could go cultivars, with almost no THC hand in hand: A lot of folks living (Tetrahydrocannabinol), so it’s on the streets aren’t able to easily impossible to get high from it or access the right nutrition. But I any of its products. knew from investigations in 1998 “These cannabis plants are not that everyone would be able to meant to be subject to the same absorb a highly digestible form of controls put on illegal unregulated protein from a vegetable source Cannabis or Marijuana through called Edestin. This is - you guessed legislating them under their own it - Industrial hemp / Cannabis: An regulations. ancient yet new superfood.” “I started to travel the world Chris goes on, “Then in 2015 I attending expos, seminars, & found out my sister, a nurse by workshops, listening to doctors, profession, was diagnosed with Chris Woodney patients, vets, bio chemists, field Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia medics and leading researchers on and only given two weeks to live, the topic, ending up in China and learning from without a stem cell transplant. I found myself the old and experienced herbalists there. in Auckland hospital visiting my sister was fighting for her life, stuck in isolation, and also “Once I understood how vital this plant in its visiting my best mate in the Gastro-Ward. He natural state has been for human survival, wasn’t gaining weight and couldn’t eat. prior to the lies and prohibition in 1937, like many people I developed a passion for it and “When I brought up using cannabinoids to a determination to educate on the correct supplement their deficient cannabinoid use of cannabis, and make sure that all New systems, Zealanders can have access to this vital and functional food, which can improve the health the doctors and hospital staff they would of every kiwi, including the sick and afflicted. shoot me down with: “Using raw plant iHemp/cannabis as a 'Oh no! They can’t be smoking cannabis!'” nutritional food source really flips the 15