iHemp Magazine iHemp - Issue 2 - Oct 2018 | Page 16

16 cannabis conversation on its head: The natural sea. phytocannabinoids found in ihemp help to If you look at history, we know that the furthest supplement our ECS: By ensuring the brain has migrators before humans were birds. Sailors enough access to cannabinoids, we strengthen used to follow the birds, as the birds would tell our neuropathic pathways and help the brain’s them were the next land mass was. Birds are signaling send the right response to regulate prolific seed-eaters. They ate cannabis seeds and maintain homeostasis in the human body. containing phytocannabinoids, as they were “Phytocannabinoids can be thought of as found on the plant. a spice, I put in the “Let’s face it: We ate same category as birds before beef and “CBD has all your mineral pepper. You don’t eat birds ate cannabis content, vitamins and the nine it on everything all the seeds. We ate their time, but you just use amino acids, which your body meat and eggs it when necessary to rich in protein and can’t produce by itself. season. Micro dosing phytocannabinoids. with phytocannabinoids This is where they helps our brain maintain belong back in our homeostasis. I believe if the body starts to food chain, we used to get micro-doses of store cannabinoids you have reached full phytocannabinoids by consuming bird-meat saturation and you lose their effectiveness. and eggs, no wonder they have been a staple Titration is key. A little often with food (eggs food source for humans! are best), then slowly increasing.... “Speaking of birds, bird-strike is one of the “Too often we focus on our hunger and we eat industries biggest issues in the cultivation to fill the space. We weren’t actually designed of iHemp: You can loose a ten-hectare block to eat ‘regular as clock work’. However, we in five days, just to birds. I have seen a ten- do need regular doses of the right minerals, hectare block (2014) totally cleaned up by nutrients, proteins and oils to keep our brains birds – not a seed left on the plants or on the properly regulating vital ground. functions in the human “Essentially we are body. drug factories: Our Christopher Columbus bodies make and called hemp the ‘Saviour derive chemicals from of the Sea’, because everything we put in every ship carried it our mouths. Today in their stores and marketers have targeted sailors would even our ‘signaling reward keep a pouch of seeds system’ by promoting on their hip in case foods with unnatural of a shipwreck. There components, which was little obesity back are highly addictive. then. Hemp seed is the A prime example is only food source which Pringles: ‘Once you contains the optimum pop, you can’t stop.’ What’s in them? MSG for balance of Omega Oils 3, 6 and 9 and essential starters. protein to keep our brains alive. Additionally “That’s why I promote cannabis in it’s very fast growing and has very strong fibre. kindergartens & Kohanga, as a nutrient dense “Prior to 1940 cannabis lit the world. Cannabis food source. For developing brains that’s oil was in every lantern and it’s fibres were crucial. What parent wouldn’t want the best used everywhere. It was all through Asia, for their child? I offer $1000 cash to anyone Africa and through the Americas. We never who can prove that low thc Hemp / cannabis would have discovered the world without doesn’t belong in New Zealand Kindergartens cannabis. It took sixty tons of cannabis to & Kohanga as a nutrient dense food source. So make sails, ropes etc., to put one sailing ship to