iGB Intelligence reports - Page 11

• 8 of the top 15 bingo brand searches do not appear in the Top 15 monthly bingo brand organic searches in table 2 on page 8 and only 3 of the top 5 opposite • Booty Bingo at number 1, interestingly, does not make the top 15 searched brand terms in table 2, see page 8 • Interestingly, Foxy Bingo ranks 2nd for the highest visibility in table 4 opposite and also ranks 1st for the most visible online bingo brand for the search term ‘bingo’ so we assume they have a fortified SEO strategy • Notable brands missing from this table but who have high volumes of brand search include Jackpotjoy, tombola and Sun Bingo, and suggests they are failing to tick the boxes of Google’s ranking signals (in the previous section) • Brands like Lucky Pants Bingo, Cheeky Bingo, Foxy Bingo, Booty Bingo and Game Village have an apparent grasp of the most popular industry search queries and techniques. Comment It would appear that Booty Bingo is getting the highest visibility in the sector because their SEO strategy is targeting more broader bingo search terms than any other online bingo brand. On closer inspection of their strategy and tactics it would appear they acquire link equity from a small number of relevant websites including Live Bingo Network and other similar blogs. “Foxy Bingo is perceived by Google to have a strong backlinks profile, which is evidently far superior than others and is likely contributing towards their dominance in other ‘bingo’ related searches.” Do large searches for brand names and an apparent lack of SEO present opportunities for Google’s recently announced RankBrain AI algorithm to impart negative signals upon a search profile? Brands like Jackpotjoy, tombola and Sun Bingo that heavily invest in TV advertising will arguably create more opportunities for Google searchers to search and bounce – a practice known as ‘ping ponging’. Considering the majority of advertising is perceived to be interruptive, TV ads do not always lead to signups straight away and this practice is rumoured to be a clear signal in the Google RankBrain AI algorithm. With this kind of approach are bingo brands harming their potential to rank when they put more emphasis on TV advertising, for example? Their poor visibility for bingo-related search terms in general leads us to believe that Google does not trust these big spending brands as a ‘useful’ result or resource for bingo related searches. Comparing the amount of ranking links they have (see table 3 on page 9) against others with similar profiles, an obvious difference Booty Bingo has over other online bingo brands is the concentration and relevancy of the links. WhichBingo Online Bingo Annual Report 2016 11