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SEO Visibility of Bingo Brands Analysis • Foxy Bingo appears to be ticking all the boxes for Google’s ‘signals’ to rank 1st for the search term ‘bingo’ • Foxy Bingo is perceived by Google to have a strong backlinks profile, which is evidently far superior than others and is likely contributing towards their dominance in other ‘bingo’ related searches • Foxy Bingo also has a superior social share count and whilst this is not considered to directly enhance rank, it could be contributing to their brand presence on social media which will certainly influence awareness and traffic to their site • Foxy Bingo’s ‘MOZ Domain Authority’ score is also a stand out signal and they certainly offer more than others in the market although only ranked 4th in this category • Foxy Bingo’s ‘Site Technical’ score is average and thus offers no reason for search engines to devalue that signal when you consider others in the sector have similar if not better profiles. Comment On further analysis of the metrics we’ve put together in table 3, on the previous page, we can get a sense of the fundamentals behind SEO and we seemingly acquire a glimpse into the many algorithms that power the Google search rankings and the resultant SERPs for the online bingo market. There’s a clear case that backlinks are influencing rank when it comes to the search term ‘bingo’ and this is evident in our findings. Looking at the second and third results for the term ‘bingo’, does Cheeky Bingo deserve to be above Sky Bingo in a face-off and do they both deserve to be below Foxy Bingo? The answer on face value is yes. 10 Yet every so often there are anomalies in the system and you can clearly see examples in this table. Booty Bingo, for example, have a less impressive SEO profile according to our research, but they rank for the biggest generic query in the industry. Search visibility Assuming that brands can only target their own name in organic SERPs, the battlefield therefore for additional search exposure occurs in the organic generic bingo terms, of which there are thousands of short and long tail variants. To analyse which brands have the highest visibility or market share in the Google SERPs, we looked at the top 40 generic online bingo search terms and how each of the major brands performed against them. Table 4, below, shows the collated results. Table 4 - Top 15 online brands with the most visibility in the sector No Search Share Visibility 1 Booty Bingo 34.33% 2 Foxy Bingo 14.85% 3 Cheeky Bingo 11.20% 4 Lucky Pants Bingo 10.33% 5 Game Village Bingo 9.16% 6 New Look Bingo 8.02% 7 Winner Bingo 4.88% 8 Sky Bingo 4.39% 9 Costa Bingo 4.10% 10 Cheers Bingo 2.95% 11 Mecca Bingo 2.06% 12 Paddy Power Bingo 2.04% 13 Gala Bingo 1.92% 14 Coral Bingo 1.83% 15 BGO Bingo 1.33%