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Chart 11 : Acroud revenue progression Q319-Q221 (€ m )
3.3 3.2
0 Q319 Q419 Q120 Q220 Q320 Q420 Q121 Q221
Source : Company reports Source : company reports
Matching Visions the chance to charge more commissions by offering bulk sign-ups .”
Andersson said the SaaS and BaaS offerings offered “ risk diversification ” for Acroud .
As for its traditional affiliate arm , the report spoke about the moves the company has made in sports betting with the recent launch of Betfootball . com , which is mainly focused on the UK and Europe and which the company said complements its US-facing SportsBettingGuide . com .
Another upcoming innovation is the Festival series , which Andersson said would be equivalent to the “ Olympic games of gambling .” The first of the series took place in September in Slovakia .
Andersson was particularly bullish on the prospects of Acroud benefiting from the upcoming opening of the Netherlands market . “ We had a really strong presence in the Dutch market historically ,” he said . But there has been a grace period where we were not doing any business . It has been one of our largest markets in the past and we are really looking forward to the opening .”
Pointing out that Acroud ’ s sites had effectively been shuttered while the company – and the operators – awaited the official start line in October , Andersson said for Acroud , the opening up of the regulated market would be like “ opening up a bit of a tap ”.
“ We are excited ,” he explained . “ It will grow 20 % annually . This will be good for us .”
More generally , Andersson said the company was looking forward to the second half of this year and next year . “ Now our time is coming and we will be able to show the results of this journey we have been on ,” he told investors .
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