I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 26

Hi guys! Today I'm going to say something about my country and hometown. First of all my name is Helin and I live in Gaziantep/Turkey. My town is one of the oldest citİes in Turkey therefore we have many kinds of historical places (castle, old houses , forests, baths and so on) YOU MUST COME AND VISIT GAZIANTEP ONE DAY!! Hi guys! Today I want to tell something about my favorite subjects! One of them is mythology. Especially I love Greek mythology. I know almost everything about it. My favorite Greek god is Poseidon. My story of taking care about mythology is a book. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I read that book 2 years ago. Now I am 15 and when I was 13 I really loved that book and I tried to learn something more about Greek gods, demigods etc. Then I read some other books and I know many things about mythology right now. It feels really good! I recommend you to learn more and never give up! I'm an IB student at Cemil Alevli College in Turkey. Our first aim is to complete our IB diploma program within two years and we work hard on it. In order to get an IB diploma, we have some responsibilities in the frame of IB program. One of them is 150 hours CAS activities and it means Creativity-Action-Service. If we don't do that we can't get the IB diploma. One of my CAS projects is to teach English for kindergarten students. Every Wednesday i go into a kindergarten class which is close to my home and i am tutoring them for English. –Helin Mandollu PAGE 22