I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 25

I would like to know all the thoughts, I would like to learn all the languages, I would like to listen to all the songs that you can find in your life, I would like to see all the people... I want this because I feel that, I am a global citizen. Human care about only themselves. If they don’t like another person’s idea, they exclude him instead of accepting him. Everyone has different thoughts. We all live in the same place. We all have same the rights. If something is going to happen in the world it affects all of us. All people have same the same feelings, so what is the problem? Why are we drawing a line between us which makes us separate? Listening to the thoughts of someone who is very far away from us, learning about different cultures and feeling one wıth the all people in the world means you are a global citizen. Lets start from one little part in the big picture. Today a person doesn’t behave kindly to people who have different thoughts from himself. Lots of people exclude other people because of their cultures. They are behaving like this because they are under the influence of their environment.Someone brings together the people who share the same thoughts and the distinctions in society, start from this moment. After a while, this group of people finds another group ,who think the same way, and they get bigger.In this way, it gets bigger, bigger and bigger… like countries. Saving your culture and language is a good thing; but if you are doing it, you shouldn’t ignore other cultures. Some countries have segregation in many respects, for example eastern countries and western countries. Nowadays, western countries despise eastern countries. What a pitty! If a problem appears in a country, it isn’t only their problem, it is our problem because it affects us, even it is a very small problem. We are a part of a chain. If a part drops off the chain, it has no use. We are all world citizen but to be a world citizens, we should feel like this. But we have many kinds of behavior that are against the feeling of being a world citizen. If we accomplish being a global citizen, we will have free thoughts, we won’t have boundries, we will have tolerance to other people and contribute to the world peace. There are hundreds of countries with different languages, food, cultures. But even we eat different food, speak different languages, wear different chothes, play different games, have different sense of humour… We all live in the same world. We have similar thoughts and needs as human beings. We don’t need to exaggerate the differences between us. The way to world peace and freedom passes through being a global citizen. Çağdaş Budak/GKV DO YOU KNOW? The population of Turkey is estimated to be 70 million of which 98% are reported to be Muslim. The other 2% of people mainly belong to the religions of Christianity and Judaism.The most revered person in Turkish history is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He has the title of being the father of all Turks. PAGE 21