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DO YOU KNOW? Book Titles Project For the past two years, GKV Cemil Alevli students have been reading literature in English and Turkish. We believe it is necessary for international-mindedness to read fiction from writers around the world and discuss and write about the issues and themes those books present. In addition, reading original books, rather than simplified versions, has challenged the students to improve their reading and language skills much faster than they ever have before. The students wanted a way to celebrate all of the books they have read or will read in the coming year, as well as to bring awareness of literature to the rest of the students and teachers, they decided to display the books in a creative way. They scanned the book spines and had them made into adhesive stickers which they then applied to the stair risers leading up to the 4th floor. 1)It is believed by some scientists and scholars that Turkey was the landing place of Noah’s ark. The story of mass flooding on earth appears in the Christian bible and the specific location that Noah landed the ark has been determined as Mount Ararat. 2)The capital of Turkey is Ankara. Many people believe it to be Istanbul however the capital was moved from Istanbul to Ankara after the Turkish war of independence in 1921-1923. FUN FACT! The national language of Turkey is Turkish. The language has base words to which affixes and suffixes are added. This makes the words longer and longer. TURKISH BREAKFAST Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is the only city that is present in both Asia and Europe. The two sides of the city are connected by 2 bridges with a third under construction. The Turks introduced Coffee to Europe. A stranger who appears at one’s doorstep is considered God’s guest for at least three days. The Turks answer their phones with ‘My Master?’ instead of Hello. Turks eat fresh baked bread for every meal. Turkish people like a breakfast spread with a Zeugma Mosaic Museum lot of choice. Fresh bread(Pide) and cheese with olives and creamy butter is Zeugma Mosaic Museum opened on the 9th essential. They prefer scrambled Museum in September, 2011 in Gaziantep. The Mosaic eggs, sliced tomatoes, biggest mosaic museums in Gaziantep is one of the green pepper, fresh mint and the many is open types the day, the the World. The Museum differentduring of cheese forfirst day it opened, there breakfast table. They evenof the a soup are were 3,000 visitors. Some have mosaics two thousand years old and some of rice (parts werelike it). made from meat and the Beyran, I missing over the years A pot of tea(Arabic) isand some of them were because of the lasers always their choice. stolen. Zeugma mosaics composed of thirteen colours. Also the most famous mosaic of ' Gypsy Girl' is exhibited here. -Eylultutar KUTALP KUTSAL GKV A10C PAGE 20 19 21