I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 22

Through writing, I can explore different things which I am not really good at, I can also learn different new things through writing. I cannot imagine a world without books and authors, although our world nowadays are getting more high tech, I still enjoy the company of books, I am really a book worm, I read a lot of books in just short days. Some of my book collections include Stephenie Meyer's world-breaking phenomenon: the TWILIGHT SAGA, J.K Rowling's magical world HARRY POTTER SERIES, Nicholas Sparks' different heartbreaking books and many more. Andrea Jeanne G. Abundo The pressure of examinations Most kids would feel nervous, because of only one reason. One,they are nervous that they might get a bad score or might even fail. That’s why they get so scared, because if they get bad scores, their parents might get mad at them, or might even give them a punishment. Writing is where I can boost my extreme emotions. When I'm lonely, I write. When I'm happy, I write. When I'm angry, I write. I love writing that much but that doesn't mean I'm too good in this thing. In fact, there are times that my work doesn't sound nice. But even with the ups and downs that I overcome with writing something, I still don't have a reason why I should stop doing this. Maybe just knowing that this thing is my passion, is just enough to let myself continue writing and motivating myself to do my best to write good and nice articles, stories, poems or any forms of writing and inspire other people in my own little ways. Patricia Baluyot Some kids might have exam pressure because they really want to get a good score, because of rewards or because they just want to get good marks. Exam pressure is the stress you feel just before an exam.This is very common in students, especially older students, as they tend to not focus on their studies, or study for the exam on the last minute. Sometimes, students even fail because of this. Surprisingly, it is still totally avoidable. Exam pressure does happen for some reasons, though. People do not like to fail, and so do students. And so, students try to study very hard and after a while, they get stressed. Otherwise, the students procrastinate and do nothing until minutes before going to bed. I recommend students to study relaxed yet focused. Sharon Utomo & Leila Iglesias How Music Touches Lives Do you want to become a musician? If you ask me, I would love to! I will create songs to express my feelings for the people I love, or make a song to inspire other people. If I would be given a chance in the future, I will learn to play piano, violin, guitar, drums and other instruments to create a beautiful instrumental that would perfectly fit the emotions from the lyrics I will make. In other words, I want to be one of the musicians that would make music as a part of your everyday life. Princess Shyne Peña PAGE 18 Music is one of the most important things