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These Photos Of Zen Dogs Will Make You Feel Zen, Too

"Dogs don't sweat the small stuff. They are spontaneous and carefree," points out Alex Cearns, a professional pet and wildlife photographer who is the creative director of Australia's Houndstooth Studio.

In a series called Zen Dogs, Cearns photo-graphed pups looking peaceful and calm, their eyes closed. The dogs appear blissed-out, serene and content – a state in which most pet owners probably imagine their animals live all the time.

To capture the animals looking so placid, Cearns counts the number of seconds between blinks. She can take upward of 300 photos of an animal in one hour-long session; she says she usually gets one terrific Zen Dog-worthy shot in the bunch.

"To be honest, I can really only catch the photo if [the dogs] are relaxed and peaceful – so each photo is an authentic photo," she told The Huffington Post.

Dogs have the power to make people happier and feel less stressed, so it's not a stretch to imagine you've started to look a little more blissed-out yourself just looking at the photos.

Cearns believes her project can serve as a gentle and positive reminder to rake a break, unwind and contemplate inner peace and presence. Take a moment out of your day to enjoy a collection of these charming shots, and maybe you'll feel a little bit of what the dogs do.




All Photos : Jenna Martin Photography