Huffington Magazine Issue 155 | Page 4

video of the week


In A World Without

Internet, Arianna Delivers The Newspapers

What would the world be like if the internet didn't exist? A new short film created by the Founder's Forum tackles that question with surprising results.

"What would our tech entrepreneurs be doing with their lives?," narrator Stephen Fry asks. "We begin with newspaper delivery girl Arianna Huffington doing her usual morning walk."

The video, titled 'The World Wide What?,' also features AOL co-founder Steve Case delivering mail by hand and Napster co-founder Sean Parker taking a series of selfies.

'The World Wide What?' was created by the Founder's Forum's Poppy Gaye alongside

Adam Townsend of freuds, Andy Trace and Declan Masterton in honor of the tech group's 10th anniversary.