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instance , we have seven marinas capable of accommodating more than 1,200 yachts and five golf courses crafted by some of the most renowned players and designers .
Our hotels play a pivotal role in shaping experiences that resonate with our guests , encouraging them to come back for more . Whether it ’ s a return stay or an investment in a home , our hotels often serve as the initial introduction to our towns . Hence , it is imperative that we consistently seek ways to delight our customers .
A townhouse at The Peaks , which includes a golf course and residences . Along with townhouses , there are also apartments and villas .
HOTELS : What is your take on hotel brands , and what do brands allow you to do that you wouldn ’ t be able to do otherwise ? Hamamsy : Hotel brands play a crucial role , providing quality assurance and global recognition to our properties . Partnering with renowned brands allows us to attract a broader audience and enhance the overall guest experience . This instills confidence in our guests and ensures a consistent level of quality across our properties .
HOTELS : Post-pandemic work has changed , and we ’ ve seen the rise of both the nomadic traveler and the workfrom-anywhere traveler . How does this trend impact the way communities and
Luštica Bay in Montenegro is a masterplan development that also includes the 111- room Chedi Hotel . hotels are built out today in regard to design and programming ? Hamamsy : In the post-pandemic era , we ’ ve witnessed the rise of digital nomads and work-from-anywhere travelers . To cater to this demand , our approach integrates co-working facilities and techequipped amenities within our destinations . Vibrant communal spaces that foster connectivity , along with adaptable designs embracing the fusion of work and leisure , are pivotal .
Additionally , incorporating sustainable practices that align with evolving preferences for eco-friendly and wellnessfocused environments is essential to remain leaders in crafting communities and hotels aligned with the changing nature of work and travel .
HOTELS : A recent Wall Street Journal article noted that many CEOs are now downplaying ESG or focusing mainly on sustainability . How do you view ESG and how important is sustainability when you are developing projects ? Hamamsy : We are committed to developing sustainable , integrated towns
that harmonize with nature . Our projects prioritize environmental stewardship and preserving architectural authenticity . For instance , in Luštica Bay , Montenegro , we preserve cultural heritage against the UNESCO-protected Boka Bay mountains . Environmental sustainability , like achieving 100 % CO2-neutral electricity in Andermatt Swiss Alps , remains integral to our development strategy .
HOTELS : How do you see 2024 playing out vis-à-vis the travel and hospitality industry ? What are the opportunities ? Hamamsy : As you can imagine , there are many opportunities in 2024 , but one in particular is experiential travel and the demand for more meaningful , engaging activities that go beyond the gates of the hotel , to enjoy local experiences . For us , this is a growth opportunity and one in which we pride ourselves on as we operate fully integrated destinations and will continue to do so . Whether it is skiing in Andermatt Swiss Alps , diving in the Red Sea or authentic local dining , we want to ensure visitors are able to enjoy a fully immersive travel experience .
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