HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue - English | Page 29

Victoria Gasparyan - Personnel Manager | Corinthia Hotel St Petersburg First and foremost, let me thank you for this interview and congratulate you on your interesting and important project. I will celebrate my 10th anniversary in the field of human resource management in a month. It’s been an honor for me to work in such leading organizations in various spheres as Gold’s Gym, Public Television Company of Armenia, Radisson Blu companies. At the beginning of 2018, I had the great opportunity to join the Corinthia Hotel Chain located in the heart of St. Petersburg as an HR manager. I should note that the hotel that has 388 rooms and 17 conference halls for business meetings was recognized as Russia’s leading conference hotel by the World Travel Awards in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018 and I am sure this year too. Of course, this experience can’t be compared to any other experience considering the business volume of the hotel. We were also one of the few hotels that had the opportunity to host teams from different countries during the FIFA World Cup. It was a very busy, responsible and at the same time fun period. Eevery market has its own peculiarities, but the thing that is repeated almost everywhere is the lack of professionals in the market. Despite the multimillion workforces, hotels are “struggling” for every professional. As an advantage of the Russian market, I will mention the abundance of work (if there is a wish to work you can’t stay without work even for one day) and the employee protection by the law, which unfortunately is still not in a satisfactory condition in Armenia. The advantage of the Armenian market is the natural hospitality and tremendous potential - the cuisine, nature, the history that surely will soon make us one of the most popular travel destinations. The working day passes in one moment. In addition that I am responsible for the staff recruitment (running the process of recruitment for at least 20 vacancies), we also deal with a variety of tasks/requests/ inquiries related to the employees, state institutions and so on with our HR team during the day. We also organize various events to make daily life of our employees more enjoyable, for example, an evening with the theme of the Venice carnival night, with the participation of professional actors and TV hosts, summer bbq-party, New Year performance for children with the participation of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and many other events that require enough time and effort. However, being in a company that carries the best values and is surrounded by devotees of their work, it only remains to enjoy every moment, which I have been doing for already 10 years. As I mentioned, the lack of staff is typical both for the Armenian and Russian hotel industry, but this fact should remain unnoticed for the guests. On the one hand, it is certainly very convenient to take advantage of such an opportunity when there is a weak spot in the service field, but don’t forget that such employee does not carry the hotel’s value system and history. The employee can work here today, tomorrow at another restaurant, and in this case, a great responsibility lies on the shoulders of the managers, who must prepare the worker in advance, before releasing into the “field”. On the other hand, taking into consideration, for example, the seasonality of the Armenian market, outstaffing is a good tool in terms of effectively managing the salary fund. The problem is that such companies also have a lack of staff, and during the high season they can’t provide the continuity of services as well. I think that from the perspective of profitability outstaffing is one of the spheres that have a future in Armenia.