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2016 / January 2017 with Clean by Peter Gray , P & G Professional Products Research

Implementing sustainable practices can be confusing , as experts seem to have different opinions about what being green encompasses . At P & G we believe sustainability involves every aspect of your business and needs to be ingrained into your company culture , and is at the forefront of communicating with your customers .
Approach Sustainability Holistically
Sustainability is about everything you and your staff do . Whether volunteering in your community by doing beach cleanup , or using eco-friendly packaging or multipurpose cleaning products to do more with less , it can all make a valuable contribution to your company ’ s sustainability efforts .
Sustainable cleaning should be a part of every eco-friendly strategy . “ Green cleaning ” is the process of getting rid of certain pathogens with products that do the job as well as traditional products , but have reduced environmental impact . Cleaning reduces the possible transmission of bacteria and viruses that can cause infectious diseases . At the same time , it impacts the aesthetics of the facility . If a product does not do the basic job of getting rid of dirt , then no matter what green aspects the product claims to have , it ’ s not driving overall sustainability .
Work with Suppliers & Manufacturers
A good first step for implementing green practices in any facility is to understand how manufacturers think about developing products . If your supplier is known for its sustainable practices and products , it will immediately add to your sustainability credentials .
Train Staff Properly
The importance of choosing the right product is paramount . When a product does not clean properly , you may end up using more of it . That adds up to more energy and water in production , more packaging for the waste stream , more gas for transportation , and often more labor as people compensate with elbow grease , to name a few . Utilize cleaning products that are compacted and / or concentrated , minimizing transportation costs and using less packaging and less product .
Furthermore , continued education of staff on how to clean sustainably is a must . Even the most sustainable cleaning products , if used incorrectly , will not have the required impact . Make sure your staff members are aware of all guidelines in the safe handling , use and recycling of products and packaging . Implementing these steps will aid your facility ’ s sustainability efforts . But remember , sustainability should be interlinked into everything you do as a business , including your marketing efforts , so that your staff and customers are fully aware of your commitments .