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WildLife Group of the SAVA Hooo-Hooo Wildlife Group OF THE SAVA Cover Photo: Adobe Stock CONTENT 2 Letter from the Chairman 3 A Manual for Field Necropsies of Pangolin 4 Standard Operating Procedure - Clinical Examination of Pangolin 13 The Violent Purpose of the narwhal’s Tusk 16 Postcode Meerkat Watching Over Kruger National Park Poachers 17 5 Things you Should Know About the Postcode Meerkat 17 Why the National Animal Health Forum Matters to Buffalo 19 Disclaimer: This communication is intended exclusively for members of the South African Veterinary Association Wildlife Group (SAVA WG) and may not be forwarded, disseminated, copied or shared in any way whatsoever without the express permission of the Editor or SAVA WG Chairman. Editor: Katja Koeppel Publisher: Vetlink Media Solutions Advertising and Production: Madaleen Schultheiss Designer: Daniëlle Stuart Sub Editor: Marielle Tappan Contact details: 012 346 1590 www.vetlink.co.za Email: [email protected] EDITOR’s NOTE Dear Colleagues Please can I ask all of you to submit articles and CPD articles. Any interesting cases or snippets would be appreciated. I hope you enjoy this exciting issue and learn something about our pangolin. Many thanks Katja Koeppel Senior Lecture Wildlife University of Pretoria Wildlife Specialist