Hong Kong Young Writers Anthologies Fiction Group 1 | Page 3

Pirates Come A.D. & F.D. of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs Cheng Yam On School, Wu, Tiger – 7 When Ming Treasure fleet passed the Strait of Malacca, Zheng He encountered a group of pirates. The pirate’s leader was Chen Zuyi, who own the biggest fleet in Asia. They usually robbed merchant ships, killed businessmen and did lots of bad things to local people. Chen Zuyi was greedy at the treasure in Zheng He’s boat and decided to rob Zheng He’s fleet. But on the other hand, Zheng He also wanted to destroy them to benefit the trading and local people. Chen Zuyi firstly wrote a letter to Zheng He, and promised to surrender, but secretly prepared to attack the ship by night. In the night, more than a dozen pirate ships were quietly heading for Zheng He’s fleet. The pirate ships were small, diving flexibly and running fast. Chen Zuyi was very arrogant. He clenched his sharp knife, his two greedy eyes started at the tall and magnificent treasure ship, and his brain was full of treasure. But Zheng He got a secret report early and prepared for the battle in advance. When the pirate ships entered the ambush circle, a red light rose on the high mast of the treasure ship, followed by many lantern torches. The dark sea turned to be a bright day. The pirate ships were surrounded by a large ship fleet. Less than an hour the pirate fleet was defeated. Chen Zuyi was captured. Zheng He also pushed the advantage and took off Chen Zuyi’s priate base in the old port of Malacca Strait. By the moment, the biggest pirate fleet in Asia was destroyed completely. The Chinese Adventure Bradbury School, Guo, Joshua - 6 Getting Ready On a stormy day I move all my important things onto the ship. My ship is called Evan 1. The most important things to bring are the gold and silk because I will give them to all different countries for making new relationships. I am the captain of Evan 1 and I feel excited about this adventure. This time I will bring some shooters to fight, two chefs to cook, and some sailors to look out for evil pirates. Swapping Things Now I am sailing to Japan to give away some of the gold and silk. Before we get to Japan the evil pirates suddenly came to attack the ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The evil pirates blocked my way to the island of Japan. My sailors started to attack them back and defend the evil pirates. The Japanese sailors came to help me and we won and defeated the evil pirates. After that my sailors and I arrived at the island of Japan. I came here to give the gold and silk to the Japanese because I want to thank them for helping us fight the evil pirates together. Crossing the London Bridge After eating sushi in Japan my sailors and I stared our next journey to London. I found out that my chef forgot to bring food so now we needed to swap things to get food. When we have enough food we gave it to the chef and the chef started to cook. Then we give them some gold and silk because they gave me a lot of food. After that we crossed he London Bridge. Now we are ready to go to other countries to give the gold and silk away. Going Back Home After visiting a lot of places now we will go sailing back to China. On this adventure I feel happy because we ate sushi and we gave a lot of gold and silk to many countries.