Hong Kong Young Writers Anthologies Fiction Group 1 | Page 2

Zheng He Voyages A.D. & F.D. of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs Cheng Yam On School, Au-Yeung, Sunnie – 6 Zheng He was in China. One day the King asked Zheng to lead the troop and go for voyages. The first voyage was in 1405. The second one was in 1407. The third one was in 1409. The fourth one was in 1413. The fifth was in 1417. The sixth one was in 1421 and the seventh one was in 1431. Zheng was cool. Dream with Zheng He A.D. & F.D. of Pok Oi Hospital Mrs Cheng Yam On School, Ng, Veronica - 8 In a very hot afternoon, I stayed at home to read a story book. The name of the book is「鄭和下西 洋」(The story of Zheng He). However, I was so tired and fell into sleeping. I made a dream. I saw a man who was not tall and wore ancient Chinese clothes. He could play Kung Fu like Bruce Lee. He could tumble and jump up and down very quickly. I’m very interested in his Kung Fu fight and felt very excited. I asked his name, he is Zheng He. I asked him to teach me Kung Fu and we talked about Kung Fu so much. We became good friends. Unfortunately, the king ordered him to go to Southern of China, visit countries and make business trading. I wanted to go with him too! I asked if I could travel with him and he accepted my request. So we wrapped up our luggage and started our voyages. We had sixty big ships and over hundred small ships. Our crew had about four thousands people. We planned to spend one year for this voyage. When the ship was sailing in the sea, we could see lots of seagulls flying and following our ships. The waves are so huge and the wind was so strong. I felt very excited. During night time I laid on the deck and saw a lot of stars, they smiled to me and twinkled like diamonds. Then I fell into sleep. Later on, I woke up. The sun was rising from the sea, the sky was in orange colour, it was very beautiful. Suddenly, Zheng He shouted loudly. He saw an island nearby us. We moved towards the island. There was a very beautiful place. We parked at the shore and walked around the island. There were some animals and plants. We took some rest and played at the beach. Suddenly, a big wave came and attacked me. I was fallen into the sea. I was very scared and screamed. It was very dangerous and I was yelling for help. After that I found I was laying on the sofa. It was a dream only. I told mum about the dream and decided to learn swimming so that I can swim in the sea.