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Texas Rangers Offer Media Tour of Globe Life Field Construction

The Texas Rangers invited local media out to the Globe Life Field construction site on March 7 to show off progress on the future ballpark .
Journalists were able to talk with Rangers and Manhattan Construction Company representatives and get a first-hand look at the work accomplished so far , which includes a five-month excavation project to create the ballpark ’ s footprint and the start of concrete work . Reporters learned lots of details about the construction project , such as the installation of approximately 10,000 steel soil nails — each 60 feet long — that are used to anchor the concrete retaining walls making up the ballpark ’ s below-ground levels .
Soon , residents and visitors will be able to see more of the ballpark from street level .
“ Right now , you drive by and you really can ’ t see a lot with hole ,” said Wesley Weaver , Manhattan Construction Company vice president . “ Structural steel will be one of our next major milestones that will start this summer , when you start seeing the structure coming up out of the ground and taking shape .”
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