HIYH Impact Report 2023 | Page 65

customers across the North . The programme arranged tailored digital events between January and March 2020 to help the company showcase their technology .
“ We had proved our technology was valuable , but it needed some serious funding to take it to the next stage . Again , that ’ s where Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber came in . With their support , we successfully applied to SBRI Healthcare ’ s GP of the Future project . This went into creating the architecture for our technology to be a scalable solution . In 2019 , we had a product ready to go to market .
“ Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber facilitated with introduction , the engagement , getting the commissioners on board , working with the provider and the academics to get all of it off the ground . In late summer 2019 , it was being deployed and growing organically in West Yorkshire .”
The COVID-19 pandemic has also meant that the company has had to adapt its model . By the end of 2020 , Doc Abode was starting looking into how to coordinate vaccinators to fulfil housebound COVID-19 vaccines . Throughout this next phase , Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber supported the company to build its vaccine module and showcase their technology to key decision-makers in the North of England and beyond .
65 Transforming Lives Through Innovation