HIYH Impact Report 2023 | Page 58

Innovation Hubs – a model for adoption and spread

A key priority for us over the last five years has been to forge strong partnerships with the three Integrated Care Systems ( ICS ) in our region and we have developed a unique approach to this via our Innovation Hub model , now live in two of our ICSs . This approach was given as an example of best practice in the Hewitt Review and used as an exemplar case study by the NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative ( AAC ). The Innovations Hubs , which are bespoke to our systems ’ structures and needs , are essential to enabling innovation , collaborative working and research to flourish at a provider , system , and partner level . They provide a single point of contact for innovation enquiries within each system , this not only improves the process of highlighting innovation opportunities to systems in our region , but also allows them to allocate funding and capacity to the innovation opportunities which will have the greatest impact across systems as a whole .
Innovation Hub Directors Sarah Dew and Amy Lochtie provide more information about the work of and future plans for our Innovation Hubs in South and West Yorkshire .
Sarah Dew , Innovation Hub Director for South Yorkshire
Amy Lochtie , Innovation Hub Director for West Yorkshire
58 Transforming Lives Through Innovation