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One Contract Property : The Solution To The Rental Crisis

The national debt is increasing , inflation is causing havoc , and the cost of living weighs heavy on countless Australians ’ hearts , minds and wallets .
These are the ingredients needed for a potential societal and economic crash of epic proportions .
When these three factors come into play , it is almost inevitable for the rental market to take a huge blow .
Like most countries , this specific blow comes in the form of decreasing vacancy rates and annual rent increases .
We have all seen the images circulating across social media of queues of people waiting to view one-bedroom apartments with no street parking .
To put it all into perspective , prior to COVID-19 in 2019 , the vacancy rate was 2.1 % and the annual rent increase for the year was 0.5 %, according to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute .
The next three years would see unprecedented growth in annual rent increases due to the plummeting vacancy rate .
• 2020 saw a 2 % vacancy rate with a 2.5 % annual rent increase .
• 2021 saw a 1 % vacancy rate with a 9.6 % annual rent increase .
• 2022 saw a 0.9 % vacancy rate with a 15.3 % annual rent increase .
So what do these numbers mean in actual dollar figures ?
According to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute , the difference between 2019 and 2022 is an astounding $ 120 , with average weekly rent going from $ 407 to $ 527 .
There is currently a race for space in Australia with the latest census results highlighting a worrying fact .
The fact is that Australia needs sufficient new housing to cater to the one million new households that were reported to have formed
between 2016 and 2021 .
Australian property insights experts , PropTrack have determined that 160,000 more dwellings need to be made available to meet the housing needs of the growing population .
The nation ’ s treasurer has also forecasted that we can expect an influx of over 650,000 migrants between this financial year and the next .
Most of the influx is due to migrant workers relocating and international students returning to our shores .
So what is the solution ? One Contract Property !
One Contract Property allows you to invest your super in brand new house and land builds , anywhere in Australia .
By using your super to create housing across Australia you are not only investing in your future , but you are also helping solve the rental shortage .
Australia is in dire need of new dwellings , not established property .
Investing in established property will only add to the nation ’ s shortage . Be the solution , not the problem .
At One Contract Property , we give you total choice :
• You choose the land
• You choose the builder
• Anywhere in Australia
We make your investment dreams possible inside of your super through our simple threestep process .
STEP ONE : You decide on the specific builder , location and property type and we give total choice with your investment .
STEP TWO : The SMSF enters into a single-part contract with One Contract Property and pays a 35 % deposit . One Contract Property acquires the land and oversees the construction of the property and all payments to the builder .
STEP THREE : Upon completion , the SMSF pays the 65 % balance . The completed property is transferred . The sale is finalised with the SMSF now owning a new investment property .

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