HeyU Issue 30 - 10 June 2015 - Page 7

APP REVIEW uni life Action Movie Features 13 Filters After lining up at the candy bar, sitting through advertisements and previews, and wishing the person in front of you would stop rattling the ice in their drink, you’re waiting for that opening scene to draw you in and really grab your attention. A picturesque scene of a family having lunch in the park begins the two hour cinema experience. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and nothing could ruin this beautiful family moment. Create blockbuster effects on your tablet or smartphone with the Action Movie app. With effects inspired by Call of Duty, limited time feature effects such as Star Trek: Into Darkness and all our favourite Hollywood stunts, you can spice up any backyard home video or home cinema production. See your actors run for cover as a demolition rock, a car, maybe a helicopter plummets from the sky. Aliens attack your friends during lunch. Up in the sky, the Enterprise fires Photon Torpedoes onto the unsuspecting city. Not all effects come with the app and require an additional download. Record your scene, apply an effect and watch as your blockbuster comes to life. VIEW ON ITUNES WORDS: RACHEL TAPSCOTT – USQ Student IMAGES: APP WEBSITE