HeyU Issue 30 - 10 June 2015 - Page 5

feature Ever since she was in high school, Mackenzie knew she wanted to study abroad. She had previously travelled with her family to Europe but hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy her independence and explore on her own. After discovering that Study Abroad worked out with her class schedule at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, she took the chance. The second year Civil Engineering student arrived at Concannon College, a Residential College on-campus in Toowoomba, in February and immediately immersed herself with the college and wider university communities. Mackenzie spends her spare time playing community volleyball every week and volunteering with the Red Frogs and Rosie’s Friends on the Street. Mackenzie has noticed a few differences between Australia and the United States. She says that Australian culture tends to be more informal than American culture. ‘At USQ I call all of my lecturers by their first name. At uni in America, earning the title of ‘Dr’ carries a tone of distinction. Out of respect, it is socially acceptable to refer to a professor as Dr Smith instead of John.’ She says she was thrown off guard the first few times she tried to get into the driver’s seat, thinking it was the passenger seat and, ‘dr