Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 | Page 9

glorify the Lord in who we are and how we live our lives. You have great influence among your family, your church, community and workplace. People will be impacted greatly by your example as a godly woman. You have your own personal stories and testimonies to share that people need to hear. This could not only bring deliverance and healing, but they could experience God’s unconditional love! As the Lord spoke to me many years ago, I believe He is speaking to each one of us today, “I have called you to lead, so lead!!” And influence your world for Christ! - Cindi White Cindi is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, pastoring alongside her husband, Tim, for over 30 years. They currently pastor Tri-County Christian Center in Deer Park, Washington. They have six children, and two grandchildren. Cindi is also an Avon Lady, and Precinct Committee Officer for Steven’s County’s Republican Party. She believes in being a vital part of our community, making a difference where we live. Her passion is to minister to women, and is the co-founder of Women of Worship, speaking and organizing retreats and conferences for women in the Northwest Region. Through the eyes of JODDI-JAY BABCOCK: HER VOICE is a truly unique event. While most conferences or retreats focus exclusively on attenders connecting with God, HER VOICE also equips and encourages speakers to be the best they can be. As a speaker for HER VOICE, I was enriched by a mentor (one month before the event) who offered meaningful feedback and insights for improving my message. The day before the conference, I received excellent coaching in a comfortable and supportive setting to help me polish my delivery. It was an incredible opportunity to move to the next level as a speaker. As a participant in the audience, I was challenged and inspired by the Lord. Each of the talks was engaging, not just because of the short length that kept my interest. Each woman spoke from her heart. I was amazed at how the Holy Spirit took 12 messages that were as diverse as the women giving them, and wove them together into a common theme. Lunch around the table was truly enjoyable, providing time to connect with others as we shared how God spoke to us and identified the steps we would take to be obedient to Him. - Joddi-Jay Babcock Joddi-Jay Babcock is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God with over 25 years of ministry and non-profit organization experience. She currently serves as Worship Pastor of Family Life Church in Grandview, Washington and Executive Director of Life Choices in Yakima, Washington. She has a Masters in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Coaching from Regent University. Her personal interests include writing, music ministry, reading, and spending time with family. Joddi-Jay has been married to Jonathan (also an Assemblies of God minister) for 28 years. They have raised five children together and are the proud grandparents of twin girls. Pg. 9