Her Voice Magazine Vol. 1 | Page 8

Through the eyes of MELISA TURNER: I have had the privilege to both attend and speak at HER VOICE. This event shows a window into the foundation of our great NWMN. As a network we are simply the Family of God. HER VOICE, by design, allows women the opportunity to be encouraged, to grow, to speak out, and to learn from one another as well as from mentors. I was given the ability to fine tune and sharpen the words of my heart. Every step of the way I knew my pastors and leaders were behind me cheering me on! Not only did this process help me feel that I was becoming a more effective speaker; but, I also knew that women were coming to hear what God had put on my heart. My willingness to step out and share what God has helped me walk through meant that someone else who attended could be given the opportunity to embrace the same freedom God has given me. As I listened and learned from the other amazing speakers I too found new freedom and mutual understanding! It is a refreshing for my soul to just be human together. In this time of fellowship I have begun new friendships with women that I can call on for prayer, for laughter, for coffee dates. You just never know who you might sit down next to? HER VOICE is a lifeline connection I had not realized I needed! - Melisa Turner Melisa serves alongside her husband as senior pastors of Oroville Assembly of God, in Oroville, Washington. She sees women’s ministry and ministry in general in this way: “In so much as anyone pushes you nearer to God, she is your truest friend.” It is her calling to facilitate spiritual growth in women; to help them be fruitful. To inspire, refresh, and enable them to do the same for others in their lives. One way she reaches out is to host a no cost bazaar annually that is designed to help women in small business. This event allows her to bless them in their current situation and share the love of Jesus w