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Utilizing the Data

Disrupting the Existing Ecosystem

In terms of specific non-pharmacologic strategies to respond to chronic pain , a major disconnect between the recommendations of groups such as the CDC and the voice of the patient was glaringly obvious . Chronic pain sufferers received the strongest encouragement from the CDC for cognitive-based therapies and exercise . Of interventions most commented upon by consumers , CBT was of the least interest and exercise did not even make it into the patient discussion . In contrast , chiropractic care was not included , by direct reference , among the CDC recommendations but was among the most favored interventions among consumers . In the context of multi-modal care ( i . e . hands-on-care [ chiropractic care , massage , acupuncture etc .]), mindfulness , diet , nutrition or even minimally invasive surgery [ MIS ] combined approaches were found to have the highest level of perceived patient value and satisfaction .
This most positive sentiment cluster further endorses the need and desire for a coordinated , goal-oriented and personalized approach . However , the composition of the solutions varies by individual , based on their specific pain profile . Medical marijuana is the most discussed pain management option . However , it has the most neutral sentiment amongst patients , meaning its utility is variable .
Chronic pain is understood to be a biopsychosocial reality with many amplifiers and sustainers . Providing care that does not contribute to the current opioid use and abuse circumstance , and that is consistent with the experience of patients , is a logical approach to broaden the responses to the problem and an aid in offering a biopsychosocial solution .
Relatively low tech , high touch personalized interventions employing strategies with which consumers have experience and confidence is a logical patient care and business model waiting to be delivered in a creative and supportive manner that could yield noteworthy returns in all parameters of care .
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