Healthy Living Muskogee Summer 2020 Edition | Page 3

Gym combats coronavirus with UV light Story and photos by Cathy Spaulding Ultraviolet lights go on when lights go out at Fit Happens Fitness Studio. Owner Kerry Keane called UV lights "an extra step I could take to ensure the safety of our members." UV light sanitizers are among several ways Fit Happens and other gyms seek to keep clean out of concern for COVID-19. Keane said she looked into using UV lights even before COVID-19 prompted the gym to close in April. She said she had read how cities use the light on subways and buses to kill the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19. The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine website said UV light has been shown to destroy other coronaviruses and might work on the novel coronavirus. The website says ultraviolet light is produced by the sun and special lamps, but warns that contact with UV light could damage the skin. Healthy Living 3