Healthy Living Muskogee Summer 2020 Edition | Page 2

2020 Summer Edition Contents 3 UV sanitation Gym owner uses UV light sanitizer in effort to fight against novel coronavirus. 16 Member protection Muskogee Swim and Fitness Center aims to keep members safe from COVID-19. 3 8 Nutrition challenges Dietician offers tips to maintain healthy diet and lifestyle during stay-at-home age. 10 Going with the flow Local water aerobics instructor says exercise in water is easier than on land. 22 Substance abuse Experts see decline in mental health, spike in drug- and alcohol-related abuse. 25 Recipes to try Health-conscious dishes courtesy of On the Cover Kyle Gatzman Photo: By Ron Rowland 2 0 2 0 S u m m e r e d i t i o n 10 A safe space Gatzman finds solace in practices enacted by gym Inside • COVID-19 changes landscape of exercise for gyms and clients • Water's freedom of movement offers less demanding exercise • Experts weigh in on health impact of novel coronavirus MUSKOGEE 16 2 Summer Edition 2020