Healing and Hypnotherapy Volume 2, Issue 9, 1 March 2018 | Page 3

will grow towards perfection. So many things may be achieved way before and our last day goals will get better and better. With this we will start exploring Free will, and its power in our first write up. But, before that I would like to inform our readers and writers that, from this month onwards we are starting a new tradition. Our cover page will be the picture of one of our writer’s. We will take one by one all our writers. It is not just our way to acknowledge their commitment and Love but show our gratitude to them to be our team in this awareness-creating mission. It will be information to our non-hypnotherapist readers as well. We begin, with “Yogesh Chaudhary” One of the senior Hypnotherapists in terms of experience. Apart from other modalities, He is mostly into Spiritual hypnotherapy. There is a little chat with him too. So lets know our Healers and Hypnotherapists a little more from this issue onwards. “Freewill” By Dr. Dhiraj Nanda. Is so much en-sync with the idea of collective consciousness, or God within, that; what we decide prevail. However a little reflection here; Is it important to stay in marriage for children or more important is to give right meaning of life partnership to them, with the other person, someone with whom, they can see you living a beautiful marriage. And, understand that things can go wrong but marriage is not some kind of dreaded imposition to go on. Besides happy atmosphere raises happy and healthy children. Broken marriage creates trauma yes but this kind of imposed marriages gives pretend behavior, lack of self confidence, dread from marriage and inability to be a right kind of partner to someone. Quite a thought provoking read really. Next in line is our new family member “Thomas A Hilton Jr “ with his “Thumbs up to Hypnosis, Literally” , It’s a testimonial to Hypnotherapy and its capacities. Really guys a must read. Our third call comes in an intriguing question, “Fear of failure or Fear of Success” Neha Sharma once again with a very interesting point to put across.